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A Great Contribution To The National Technology Movement From BILSA

BILSA Defense Technologies A., a member of SAHA Istanbul and the only company in Turkey with a MIM facilitySh., has started to produce firearm parts and medical parts that were previously imported from abroad and are of strategic importance in Turkey with MIM technology.

In 1993, BILSA Defense Defenses A., which was preserved as a mold house in Istanbul and over time became the only MIM Technology in Turkey.Sh., Contributed to the National Technology revolution one day.

MIM technology, which can be produced in a wide variety of complex and difficult-to-apply and subtle applications, offers relatively superior features in the production process. MIM technology; Millli Technology will benefit greatly from raw materials with its high quality, shortened production time, superior mechanical properties, process, materials and facilities for mass production, and the fact that they can meet its narrow dimensions.

The parts used as decommissioned parts, complete with the products in MIM, will be produced by domestic and mill, while a new product door will also be intermediate.

“SAHA is a member of Istanbul and at the same time Turkey has the only MIM Technology, BILSA Defenses A.Sh.a feature that turns from a National Technology Move to a National Technology Move!” there is room for his statements.

Parts manufactured with MIM technology will be used in defense, automotive, electrical, textile, household appliances and medical fields.