Who We Serve

We cooperate with many companies that operates around the world. We actively produce final parts for the defense, automotive, medical, electrical, hand tools, and textile industries. In addition to our production capabilities, one of the main reasons why our customers prefer us is our solution-oriented services.

Our expert employees produce your parts with the most accurate techniques and methods to provide you with the best production quality. Regardless of the production volume, we ensure that the desired quality and performance are met in production.

We manufacture to create the excellence that our customers deserve.


Since its establishment, Bilsa has undertaken and completed many projects in the defence industry – producing precision components through various manufacturing methods.

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Innovations in the automotive sector are based on the development of new models to meet the growing customer demands of manufacturers.

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Our process innovation avoids any of these problems. It is why leading companies choose to work with us. The manufactured parts must have a certain level of conductivity.

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We provide high-quality parts production services to textile machine manufacturers. We shorten the manufacturing process of machines and extend their lifespan with our latest technology manufacturing systems…

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Hand Toolsss

Many products require small and complex parts to be manufactured. Producing such parts may take a long time for manufacturers because of the limitations on the standard manufacturing methods.

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Components for the medical industry must never be questioned over functionality or performance. We serve medical product manufacturers to deliver components across a variety of applications.

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