About Us


Bilsa was founded in Istanbul in 1993, and it is currently located in one of the leading industrial areas in İstanbul. Bilsa has been manufacturing components with metal injection molding | MIM, machining, investment casting, forging, and extrusion methods since its establishment. Bilsa is a solution partner that manages unique customer relations to understand the needs of its customers.

“As Bilsa, we serve professionals in many industries, specializing in defence, automotive, medical, steel, electric, hand tools, and textile industries.”


To provide quality products to today’s essential sectors by adapting to technological developments and minimizing the margin of error.


To become a worldwide supplier with our production methods that we continuously innovate and develop.

Our Core Values

To achieve the privilege that you need in your products, we are at your service with our expert team and advanced production methods.

27+ years of experience
35+ Projects
World Class Production

Production Facility

Bilsa operates in a 2,000 m2 indoor and 1,000 m2 outdoor area in one of the leading industrial areas in Istanbul. Bilsa manufactures components for large number of companies in different industries with an annual production capacity of 5.000.000 parts annually, along with its advanced laboratory, and quality control equipment, and latest technology machinery and systems.