About Us

Bilsa was established in 1993 as a molding shop in Istanbul. Throughout the time, our founder Refik Saral, who has a background in firearms manufacturing, developed advanced machining and mold production methods with his experience and knowledge, and began producing final parts by machining from a block, forging and investment casting methods to professional organizations.

Metal Injection Molding – MIM has been adapted to Bilsa’s plant as the core manufacturing technology in 2005. Early adapting to the technology has made Bilsa the only MIM facility located in Turkey.

We have made it our duty to offer solutions to our customers and to facilitate their work by manufacturing high-quality final components. As of today, Bilsa produces final components as a solution partner of manufacturers in domestic and foreign market: manufacturing high precision parts for demanding industries such as defense, energy, medical, gas, aircraft, electricity and more.


To provide quality products to today’s essential sectors by adapting to technological developments and minimizing the margin of error.


To become a worldwide supplier with our production methods that we continuously innovate and develop.


27+ years of experience
35+ Projects
World Class Production


Bilsa operates in a 2,000 m2 indoor and 1,000 m2 outdoor area in one of the leading industrial zones in Istanbul. Our company, which has a production capacity of 10.000.000 components per year, is continuously producing with automation production systems.

We work as a contract manufacturer for many companies in different industries with our advanced laboratory, quality control equipment and latest technology machinery and systems.

The international and national certificates that our company have are an indication of the importance given to quality in production:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • Ministry of National Defense Production Permit
  • Ministry of National Defense National and NATO Secret Facility Security Certificate (FSCC)
  • Ministry of National Defense Establishment Permit