Bilsa has accomplished many projects since its establishment in the defense industry, with the benefits of having a founder with a firearms industry background.

The production of high-precision parts, produced on firearms, is carried out using MIM, precision casting, forging, and other production methods.


The performance of firearm parts in the field is significant. Failure is never and should not be an option for a firearm, regardless of the circumstances of the situation. Many leading manufacturers prefer Bilsa for the production of firearm parts that require the precision, strength, and durability they need in this field.

Components that we produce, including:

  • Firing Mechanism
  • Firing System Components
  • Sights

Our specialized team in firearms recognizes every part that your products need and the systems they function in. They have taken it as a duty to provide you with the quality you deserve by managing the process from the first stage to the final production stage. They ensure that all of the parts produced have superior strength properties and durability.

Some product examples for Defence Industry…