MIM is a superior manufacturing technology that enables us to eliminate the difficulties and limitations encountered in producing complex and small parts with standard production methods. We produce your freely designed components at almost any scale.

We offer a customer-oriented manufacturing service with our expert team, high-quality machinery, and quality control department. We manufacture your components within the quality and the performance requirements to ensure your ease of project management.

Bilsa is always at your service with its expert team and advanced production methods to achieve the privilege that you need in your products.


Low Cost

Production of large parts is easily carried out through standard manufacturing methods – casting, forging, or machining. However, manufacturing smaller and more complex components is not as simple as it is with larger parts. Metal Injection Molding | MIM enables us to produce high-volume, small, and complex components efficiently at virtually any scale.

Quick Supply

It is very important for product manufacturers not only to supply the right components, but also to have components produced on time. With our capabilities, automated production systems and expert staff, we produce your parts in short lead time to always ensure your ease.


Every component is produced to outperform for the most effective use of them.

No matter what the components are we consider them very special and is not shipped to our customers unless the necessary controls and applications are performed for the high-performance.

In addition, Powder Metal Injection Molding – MIM technology, which has a faster production process than other known production methods, reduces our customers’ inventory costs and shortens the parts’ supply times.

Process Innovation

We have the understanding of providing the quality and the performance that you and your customers deserve in every product. Our team of experts who strictly follow innovations, strives to solve your production problems and constantly improve them.