Bilsa offers a customer-oriented manufacturing service with its expert team, high-quality machinery, and quality control department. We eliminate potential problems that may arise during the production process to perform high-quality production. Technical capabilities and production dominance, which make Bilsa a preferred name in the sector, are observed in every product we produce.

To achieve the privilege that you need in your products, we are at your service with our expert team and advanced production methods.

Process Innovation

Bilsa is committed to providing the quality and the performance that you and your customers deserve. Our team of experts who strictly follow innovations, help you overcome production issues. We analyze the components and share all the information with you to make sure you understand why innovating the standard manufacturing process is important. We ensure to present the components you need with an advanced production method.


The production method that can improve the performance and the function of the components is determined, and production is carried out at the lowest cost. We consider every part we produce special that we ensure to perform the necessary controls and applications for the most effective use of the components.


As Bilsa, our goal is to provide low-cost and high-quality production. Production of large parts can easily be carried out through standard manufacturing methods – casting, forging, or machining. However, manufacturing smaller and more complex parts are not as simple as it is with larger parts. Metal injection molding enables us to produce high-volume, small, and complex components efficiently at virtually any scale.