About | Metal Injection Molding


About | Metal Injection Molding

Since the 1920s, the injection molding method has been applied to metal and ceramic powders as well as traditional plastic applications. This new technology applied to metal powders is known as powder metal injection molding (MIM). It is serving as a part manufacturing process that shows continuous development to today’s major industries such as hand tools, optics, medical, firearms, textile, electronics, and automotive industries.

Metal Injection Molding | MIM

Metal Injection Molding can produce complicated and challenging parts in high quantities concerning their precision and fineness, and it offers several advantages over other manufacturing methods.

  • High surface quality
  • Reduced production time
  • Mechanical properties superior to castings
  • Ability to meet narrow dimension tolerances
  • High density
  • Mass production
  • Net-shape manufacturing with minimal material waste

MIM eliminates the limitations and long efforts in standard production methods. It is a superior production method with other advanced applications, and also an advantageous option at a low cost.