Innovative Process

Innovation in Bilsa refers to the introduction of a new quality of a good or a new method of production. The innovation process creates a clear framework that structures and systematically implements the development of products. Our presentation of an innovative process begins with the generation of ideas, and finally, aligning the process with the same ideas.


As a follower of innovation, we ensure to meet the performance expectations for every component we manufacture. We aim to reduce cost and lead times; meanwhile, manufacturing more advanced components. Our efforts help customers to get maximum efficiency from their products. As a result, they will deliver more advance products to their customers, and their products will stay ahead of the pack.

Want to be one of our satisfied customer?

An example of our work in the innovative process is as follows:

  • We changed certain components’ manufacturing method from investment casting to forging and extrusion.
  • Successfully, the cost was decreased, and the conductivity, which was necessary for that particular component, was increased.

While the efforts carried out delights our customers, what we add to the process and the product ensures our pleasure.