Innovative Process

Innovation in Bilsa refers to introducing a new quality of a good or a new method of production method. The innovation process creates a clear framework that structures and systematically implements the development of products. Our presentation of an innovative process begins with generating ideas, and finally, aligning the process with the same ideas.


Bilsa does not hesitate to carry out studies that will increase the products’ quality and performance, which it manufactures, as a follower of innovation. Besides, we work to shorten the lead time and reduce the cost of the components. These studies are only a part of our efforts to ensure that our customers get maximum efficiency from their products.

An example process where we innovated:

While the part’s production was done by precision casting, Bilsa changed its production method to extrusion and forging.

The parts produced were processed with precision and advanced processing techniques. This innovation reduced parts cost while increasing the part’s conductivity and strength.

The process, which we undertook from the beginning to the end, the parts’ overall efficiency was increased, and customer satisfaction was achieved.